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I am a Web Developer, Android Application Developer and Internet addict from


Hello Friends, I am Ashutosh Kumar Anand . I am from New Delhi India. This site is about my web projects . I am going to start tutorial section soon.

I work with web technologies like - Wordpress, PHP, Web Design, WAMP Server, Linux, Android Application Development, Facebook Apps, Google Developers Integrations, Photoshop and much more .

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I have a network of developers and designers that I sometimes work with. If your web project is large enough, I can put together a team of expert developers and designers, to tackle the big stuff.


I Started My Online Career by Making a Free Website on which was and , it was a long time ago . I also made a message directory but unfortunately the url shortner script and message directory script was lost , which i am planning to make it again.


I Joined Facebook in 2010 which is now the most popular social networking site in the world. I Share my life experience and sometimes tutorials too there. You can follow on my profile to get my updates or we can be friends


First Ever Social Networking Site made by me on a free website is Studyplan. My Teacher said that he will distribute HW on the site but he forgot to do it and then i turn it to a social networking website. Now, its condition is not so good but it will be better untill the end of the year 2015




I made a blog with a lots of tutorial. I Recently updated the design of the blog so the design is and alignment of the content is not very good. Some of the posts are also not complete but i promise you that it will be best till the end of this year.

Anand Tutorials

I Also Made a tutorial website on that is but due to some work it is still not complete. it will be also completed in few months. If you are interested than you can also write with me.



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Enough about me, let s hear about you. I am currently available for projects starting in July 2015.